Married for 48 years to Frances Maloney, retired BISD school teacher and current 1st VP and Membership Chair of the Brazos County Retired School Personnel.

2 adult children, each married for 20 years, and 6 grandchildren.


B.A., English, Texas A&M University (minor in Spanish)

Awarded 3 consecutive Certificates of Achievement and two consecutive Certificates of Outstanding Achievement for attending Texas Municipal League's continuing education courses focused on municipal government best practices.


Self-employed paint contractor


College Station Association of Neighborhoods 2018 & 2021

Former Mayors of College Station

Recent accomplishments while serving as your City Councilman over the past 3 years:

  • Nearly 500 new jobs were announced as coming to C.S. and our ETJ. Providing biotech, manufacturing, and professional services positions paying salaries that support a good quality of life.

  • Successfully recruited small as well as large retail businesses to C.S. Our most recent large corporate investor is COSTCO.

  • Maintained our current tax rate while new Police Station and City Hall were built, along with adding roads and park land.

  • No rate increases for Water, Wastewater or Electric utilities.

  • Refinanced old bond debt at a lower interest rate, saving $1,500,000 in interest.

  • Added 196.8 acres of greenways into the parks department at no cost to the taxpayers. This land is adjacent to existing parks. In the future, the Parks Department will be able to apply for grants to expand nature trails and bike paths into this new acreage.

  • Refurbished streets and amenities at Veterans Park. Added more restrooms and shaded areas for spectators, and added to the Veterans memorial.

  • Celebrated completion of Phase Two of the Fun For All Playground, a safe place to play and make new friends for children of all ages and physical differences.

  • Approved funding for Phase One of Independence Park in Midtown College Station.

  • Approved funding for a new Regional Park in Southwest College Station.

  • Working on providing a Recreation Center to provide much needed indoor recreation opportunities for all College Station residents.

  • Maintained our tax rate at 54 cents per 100 dollar valuation that is lower than most cities our size, including our neighbor’s.

  • Maintained our excellent bond rating with Standard and Poors (AA+) and Moody’s (AA1.)

Milken Institute named College Station:

#1 Best-Performing Small City in Texas for the year 2021

Past accomplishments while serving on previous College Station Councils:

*We oversaw the renaissance of the Northgate District where money for repairs, economic development, and providing the safety net of a city-owned parking garage reaped the benefit of tens of millions of dollars in private investment as can be plainly seen when visiting College Station’s Downtown Northgate.

*We formed a partnership with the city of Bryan and created the Bio-Corridor where over the past decade we have seen millions of dollars in investments related to bio-medical research and development, providing high paying jobs suitable for our educated workforce.

*We created the Medical Corridor in the Rock Prairie Road region, and were successful in bringing Scott & White hospital into that corridor, as well as medical offices and service providers.

*We bought the land that is now known as Midtown College Station, home to the future Independence Park, homes, offices, and businesses, the most recent addition being the forthcoming COSCO store.

*We brought in Home Depot, Lowes, the Bed Bath and Beyond shopping center, the HEB at Holleman and Texas Ave, restaurants on University Drive and dozens of small businesses.

*We created the Twin Oaks Landfill that serves a seven-county area for the next fifty years and today College Station/Bryan residents pay about half of what out-of-towners pay for sanitation services.

*We guided the maturation process of the Wolf Pen Creek District, where a drainage solution was melded with hike and bike trails, amphitheater, Festival area, Community meeting building, apartments, offices, retail shops, and ice-skating rink.

*We accelerated the completion of Veteran’s Park.

*We banned smoking in restaurants, bars, bowling alleys and other public facilities.

*We televised council meetings for the first time, making city government more accessible and open.

*We oversaw the creation of neighborhood associations under a city coordinator, thus increasing our dialogue with the diverse neighborhoods in our community.

*We funded a greenways program and greenways coordinator, improved recycling, improved bicycle lanes, added parks, built gateways and public art, supported concerts at Wolf Pen Creek Park.

*We created a pay policy that competitively compensates our city employees.

If we are to continue our efforts to make College Station the best Central Texas city to live in, cast your vote November 2nd for DENNIS MALONEY.